OUR APPROACH“We know the difference between preparing slides and running a business”

We come from the business and our clients notice it right away.
We strive to help our customer grow, supporting companies to leverage their specific value elements for greater success.

Our philosophy is:

  • We work for the growth of the client, with whom we collaborate;

  • We express our opinions,

  • Staying very focused on collaboratively supporting the manager or entrepreneur to make the right decision.



We look at the out-of-home/AFH market as a whole and this allows us to provide far reaching advice, embracing all aspects of this channel’s evolution.  

We help our clients to understand better, to choose better, to make the company work better, to better follow up on decisions and plans. In fact, we often accompany them even after the initial project phase to ensure the best implementation of the entrepreneurial idea. 

 We are focused on the long term, but we know that the future is built by working in the present. We have almost unique quantitative information in this sector and we use numbers to build a better picture and help taking the right decisions. 

Assets: skills, numbers and knowledge

We are a team of senior professional profiles, including consultants and researchers, from the corporate world. We bring a wide range of experience gained in FMCG both in Italy and abroad, from the side of industry, distribution and organized food service.
We have developed methodologies for analyzing, understanding and defining specific activities for the horeca market for the branded industry.

We deeply understand the work of the distributor and are able to bring optimized and flexible operating models.

Over the years we have built the most comprehensive database of distributors operating in the Food, Beverage and Confectionery industries, with exclusive qualitative and quantitative dimensions.

We are able to provide market numbers with unique speed and depth, and help our clients read and use them with maximum actionability. We have also created Ristochain, the most comprehensive and in-depth database in the organized foodservice world, and help our clients adequately address the challenges of the modern horeca

We produce the Food&Beverage Observatory monthly, track the performance of major branded companies annually (Survey), and monitor the evolution of chain catering (Ristochain).

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