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Sedi Operative:

Via Guido Cavalcanti 5
20127 Milano (MI)

Via Corridoni 24A
24126 Bergamo (BG)

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is:

  • We work for the growth of our client, with whom we work side by side;
  • we express our opinions,
  • while remaining very oriented to collaboratively support the customer to let him/her take the right decision.

We look at the AFH market as a whole; this allows us to do advisory with a broad eye, which embraces all the facets of the evolution of the sector.
We help our customers to understand better, to choose better, to make the company work better, to better follow the decisions and plans. In fact, very often we support them even after the initial project phase, in order to ensure the best implementation of the business idea.
We think and act with a long term view, but we know that future is built by working in the present. We make quite unique quantitative information available in this market and we use the numbers to build a better picture and highlight the options available.