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Since 2004 Progettica-Growth Accelerators is the consultancy of reference in the away-from-home market in Italy.

Progettica is a consulting firm for companies in the Away from Home channel at a strategic and operational level. Our customers are the CPG industry, distributors (foodservice, beverage and confectionery) and investment funds/private equity entities.

Our name resembles us: strategic approach, dynamic projects, objectivity make us the consultancy of reference in the Away From Home market in Italy.

We assist AFH food&bev and distribution companies in reading the market and entering or reorganizing it, to re-engineer processes, to define and plan strategies, to internationalize, to create new projects, optimize functions, change competitive positioning, update the organization.



The experiences, skills, data and actionability you need in two specialized business units: Industry and Distribution.

We are a team of about 20 professionals, amongst consultants and researchers. We all come from the business world; we sport a wide range of experiences acquired in the mass market in Italy and abroad, on both the industry and distribution side. We were born in 2004 and today we’re organized into two business units: industry and distribution. Over the years we have built the two main distributors databases in the AFH Food&Bev, with almost exclusive qualitative and quantitative dimensions; we are able to provide market numbers swiftly and with unique depth, and to help our customers read and use them with maximum actionability. In 2020 we also completed Ristochain, the biggest and most comprehensive database in the modern Horeca market, mapping out the chain restaurants and bars operating in Italy; Ristochain is also a guide on how to approach this market. 

We are competences-integrators: we have a significant network of experts we can activate when specific needs occur.

We believe that doing business means generating value for capital returns and for human self-actualization.

We are growth accelerators.

Moral integrity and uncommon ability to adapt management techniques of large companies to smaller ones, respecting their specific family-owned business culture.
Andrea Bagli CEO Birrificio Amarcord
They understand and support you like no other in managing the dynamics of and in developing new RTM strategies.
Paolo Lavagna Deputy General Manager Ceres-Royal Unibrew-Italia
Progettica knows this market deeply and understands its complexities; Progettica measures it, and helps companies to interpret the dynamics of the entire supply chain.
Guido Pocobelli Head of Channel & Customer Marketing Ferrero
Progettica has an unique knowledge of the away from home channel; moreover they let you work with numbers, something unheard of in a market that is often lacking any quantitative guidance.
Massimo Barboni Sales Director Martini-Bacardi
Pastificio Rana (filled pasta market leader in the retail channel with over €500m turnover), for the launch of the new Food Service line has hired Progettica. Progettica has proven to be a reliable partner and has been able to effectively and quickly transfer its AFH know-how for this very important new launch.
They worked together with us in an impeccable professional way in the most delicate phase of transformation of our organizational model: their strategic vision and continuous operational support have allowed us to reach the best RTM choice for, going beyond the status quo and defining new benchmarks of excellence.
Matteo Olgiati Commercial Director Pernod Ricard
During the 15 years of collaboration with C.D.A., Progettica has made AFH a shorter and more efficient channel; it has helped bring industry and distribution closer together on concrete projects, with pragmatism and a great ability to spark cooperation amongst the various players of the Horeca market.
Lucio Roncoroni General Manager of Gruppo C.D.A.
Deep knowledge of the dynamics of market, which, along with a special ability to listen and to dialogue, make Progettica a reliable partner not only from a commercial point of view.
Riccardo Giuliani ex CEO of Partesa
We were their first customer ... ... 15 years have passed and it seems like yesterday ... today they are still next to us in every major decision ... ... Progettica is a guarantee of continuity.
Adriano Bergo CEO Friulbrau (VE)
Progettica has been a life companion in the journey of generational turnover, bringing the right wisdom in the room. They’ve helped us out in the re-engineering of logistic processes, the development of a proper commercial strategy supported by correct management control tools; they have been a precious sparring partner in many of our strategic choices.
Pasquale Cippone Presidente Cippone & Dibitetto
The modernization of our price list management and the reorganization of the sales force according to the models suggested by Progettica has allowed us to significantly improve our growth rate and performance at the margin level.
C. Recchioni CEO Recchioni Distribution
Since we reorganized the treasury and management control area with the architecture proposed by Progettica, our financial situation is constantly getting better and it allows us to guide our purchasing and financial policies with maximum effectiveness ...... not to say how well we could speak of them on many other areas.
Andrea Marchi CEO of Marchi Food Service S.p.A.
Progettica supported us in the restructuring of the logistics area; they’ve been always alongside both in the design and in the implementation phase, promoting a significant increase in the overall efficiency.
Michael Caldara CEO of Bergel Food Service s.r.l.
They have a unique methodology and a real 360 ° experience of business dynamics ; they are supporting me when the baton passes to my son, for a father it is not always an easy thing to do.
Paolo Trussoni CEO Fratelli Trussoni (SO)